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Spring Break is over meaning it is time for all the Royals to final get to playing. Although there will be the occasional rain out here or there, April and May brings plenty of opportunity to catch some sport action. For the week of April 14-19 we have the following:

Monday: Middle School Track travels to Erie Mason (4:30)

Tuesday: Varsity Golf @ Summerfield (3:15) / Varsity Softball & Baseball host Dundee in a double header (4:00) / Varsity Soccer host Hillsdale (5:30) / Varsity Track @ Dundee (4:30) / JV Baseball @ Dundee (4:00 double header) / Freshman Baseball @ Lenawee Christian (4:00 double header)

Wednesday: Middle School Track @ Columbia Central (4:30) / JV Softball home vs. Madison (4:00 double header) / Freshman Baseball home vs. Britton Deerfield (4:30 single game)

Thursday: Varsity Soccer @ Onsted (5:30) / Varsity Baseball @ Belleville (4:00 double header) / JV Baseball home vs. Belleville (4:00 double header) / Varsity Golf home vs. LCAA jamboree (3:30 Whiteford Valley Golf Course)

Friday: No Games

Saturday: Varsity Baseball home Farm Bureau Invitational, sponsored by the Jeff Jackson Agency (Airport, DeWitt, Parma Western, 10:00 start) / Varsity Softball @ Sturgis Invitational (10:00) / Varsity Track @ Pittsford Invitational (9:30) 


There has been recent talk about parents being involved too much either as coaches or in other key roles in athletics. Please keep in mind if it weren't for parents at all age groups (K-12) we would not have the athletic programs we have in Blissfield or other towns across the country. This starts at the Little League level - baseball, softball, soccer, flag football, Upward basketball and other activities. 

The Blissfield Athletic Department has roughly 70 coaching positions we fill each school year and yes, in a perfect world they would all be filled by trained teacher-coaches but reality says otherwise. Parents play a vital in our program - either as concession stand workers, clock operators, announcers, scorekeepers, statisticians, field work crews, team reps, and yes, in some cases coaches.

The next time you attend a sporting event and spot a parent working in some capacity, instead of trying to figure out their motive, consider asking if you can help or at least tell them thank you for their time and effort, allowing you to enjoy the game more.

Football Practice Guidelines

The MHSAA has implemented four rules to improve safety and the greater health of players:

1. During the first week of practice of the season, only helmets are allowed the first two days, only shoulder pads may be added on the third and fourth days, and full pads may not be worn until the fifth day of team practice.

2. Before the first regular-season game, schools may not schedule more than one “collision” practice in a day. A “collision” practice is one in which there is live, game-speed, player-vs.-player contact in pads (not walk-throughs) involving any number of players. This includes practices with scrimmages, drills and simulations where action is live, game-speed, player-vs.-player.

If any part of a drill or scrimmage involves live game-speed player-vs.-player contact in pads, it is a collision practice even if players do not execute full tackles at a competitive pace that takes players to the ground.

During any additional practice sessions that day, players may wear helmets and other pads (neither is mandatory). Blocking and tackling technique may be taught and practiced. However, full-speed contact is limited to players vs. pads, shields, sleds or dummies.

3. After the first regular-season game, teams may conduct no more than two collision practice days in any week, Monday through Sunday. During other days of practice, players may wear helmets and other protective pads (neither is mandatory). Blocking and tackling technique may be taught and practiced. However, full-speed contact is limited to players vs. pads, shields, sleds or dummies.


4. No single practice may exceed three hours, and the total practice time for days with multiple practice sessions may not exceed five hours.  Warm-up, stretching, speed and agility drills and cool down are all considered part of practice. Neither strength/weight training activities nor video/classroom sessions are considered practice for the purposes of the three- or five-hour limits.

Tips For Students

In the February 2014 "Coach and Athletic Director" magazine, there was an article written by John Williams, an athletic director in Virgina Beach, VA, about social media and the impact it is having on students and student-athletes. In the article, there were five (5) very sound tips all social media (facebook, twitter, ...) users should think about but especially our youth. Those five tips are as follows:

1) Avoid sharing private information: Be careful of how much and what kind of indentifying information you post on social networking sites - date of birth, phone numbers, daily routines.

2) Consider your career: Be aware that potential current and future employers and college admissions offices can access information you post. Realize that any information you post will provide an image of you to prospective employer or schools.

3) Watch out for "phishing": Be careful in responding to unsolicited emails asking for key information - passwords or PIN numbers.

4) Understand your rights: Do not have a false sense of security about your rights to freedom of speech. Understand that freedom of speech is not unlimited and not without consequence. Social networking sites are not a place where you can say and do whatever you want without reprecussions.

5) Protect your photos: Photos put on a social networking site become the property of the site.You may delete the photo from your profile, but it still stays on the server. Internet search engines like Google or Yahoo may still find that image long after you thought it was deleted. Think long and hard about what type of photo you want to represent you.

One of the biggest lessons students should learn is that anything you post online enters the public record. 

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