Teacher Pages

Carrie Atkinson                           Math and Project Lead The Way

Lisa Babbitt                                  Physical Education and Health 

Steve Babbitt                                Physical Education 

Jolene Bills                                  English and Counselor 

Andy Ford                                     History  

Mark Geha                                   Science and Project Lead the Way 

Kevin Grasley                              English 

Kim Gray                                      English 

Mark Hollandsworth                      Instrumental Music 

Gary Holmes                               History

Linda Kalmar                              Special Education 

Wanice Linn                                Vocal Music

Phil McVay                                Social Studies 

Mike Novak                               Science and Project Lead the Way 

Diane Pickell                             Math 

Brian Sills                                  Math and Special Education                           8th grade                     7th grade

Rob Stranges                            Art

Tina Zimmerman                       Science

Christina Walter                        Spanish