Musical Theatre Class

Course Description:

Students in grades 9 – 12 may enroll in Musical Theatre Class with the permission of the instructor.  This class is designed to provide students with experience in the artistic/creative process through participation in all aspects of play production.  Students design their own individual education plan which determines what aspect(s) of theatre will be their primary focus.  Options include acting, singing, designing and building the set, sound engineering, and graphic design, which involves all aspects of promoting a show.  The class assists in the production of two plays each year, so some after-school responsibilities are required.  The course meets the Michigan Merit Curriculum criteria for the high school Fine Arts requirement.

Jimmy, Tony and Sam

Musical Theatre Class students Tony Renwand, Sam Birkenkamp and Jimmy Stump "work hard" on the set of The Fourth Wall.

Emily gets made up

Emily Wolfe allows an "extreme make-over."

the crew

The 2008-2009 Musical Theatre class poses with their awards.

Upcoming Due Dates:

  • Fall Play Critique: Due Nov. 24th


  • Mandatory Concert: High School Winter Concert on Thursday, December 17th at 7PM in the High School Auditorium.


  • Second Critique Due on December 22nd.


  • Time Logs are due on January 19th. Remember, you must have 25 hours of service logged for the semester!