Coronavirus Updates

Reporting of Confirmed and Probable Cases of COVID-19 10-28-2020

Mask Medical Exemption form - LCHD

Final BCS Extended COVID-19 Learning Plan 2020

BCS Extended COVID-19 Learning Goal Reporting 9-15-2020

Blissfield Covid-19 Preparedness and Response Plan Revised October 19 2020

Hand Sanitizer Safety Data Sheet

Wipes Safety Data Sheet

BCS Parent Online Overview - Final

Parent Letter BCS Covid-19 Plan

Draft Parent Online Learning Overview

DRAFT Blissfield COVID-19 Preparedness and Response Plan

BCS FAQ (and answers) Regarding Back to School

July 20 Parent Letter

Covid-19 Preparedness and Response Plan

June 10 Letter from Superintendent Riley

End of Year Calendar 2020

Continuity of Learning Plan

April 7 letter from Superintendent Riley

March 31 letter from Superintendent Riley

Stress Management, Social & Emotional Wellness, and other helpful Resources

March 20 letter from Superintendent Riley

Free Online Resources

March 17 letter from Superintendent Riley

CDC Website

Lenawee County Health Department

Free Meals for all students under 18  every Monday 10-12 @ the High School outside the cafeteria. 

Please email Amy Yates to reserve meals for your children.

Map available to find free meals for children during school closure

BCS Cleaning Guide


Welcome to the BHS portion of the Student Services Link of the Coronavirus Webpage.

Our goal is to provide you with current information regarding a variety of pertinent topics. Listed below are some of those:

* College Admission: Many colleges, universities, and other institutions are altering their admission requirements. The wisest thing to do is to reach out to the Admissions Office (Call, phone # can be found on their website or email) and ask for sure what materials are necessary for admission consideration (including the Common Application)

* State testing. The State Superintendent wrote a letter to the Department of Education asking for a national waiver for this year’s annual state testing. Stay tuned for information/updates. AP testing options are still being discussed.

* Scheduling. Most student requests are in place for the 2020-21 school year. The next step is creating the Master Schedule (which may contain some new options and information...stay tuned) and then populating the classes and balancing the schedule. After this step is complete students will have an opportunity to change their schedule.

* Upcoming field trips are on hold until further notice

* Dual Enrollment: There is a dual enrollment meeting planned for May 7th during VIP in the CCC provided school is in session. Stay tuned for more details.

* Personal Counseling: Attached is a list of local counseling resources that may be helpful given all of the extraordinary circumstances. I can also be reached at