Emerald Crab

Emerald Crab 


         This is the Emerald Mithrax Crab (Mithrax sculpus).  His body is short, shiny and bumpy.  He has ten legs; eight of which are hairy.  The other two are claws which are smooth and shiny.  His eyes are small and compact. 


The Emerald Crab is in the phylum of Arthropods which also includes spiders, lobsters and butterflies.  He’s in the class of crustaceans because he has 10 legs.  He’s in the order of  Decapodia, the family of Majidae, the genus of Mithrax and the species of Sculptus. 


The Emerald Crab lives in rocky areas located eight to ten feet down in salt water.  He likes to live in the crevices in rocks during the day and hide, but at night he goes out to look for food including  bubble algae and other types of algae.   

Additional Facts

The Emerald Crab is able to withstand extreme temperatures from ninety-five tofifty-five, this could be why they’re so abundant.