College Application Checklist

Tips for Completing College Application

Your guidance counselor, Mrs. Pickford, and the student services assistant, Mrs. Covell, are happy to help you through the application process. Please read the following essential information!


Paper Applications

  1. Create an account in PrepHQ in order to keep track of your applications submitted and transcript requests.  As requests are processed, you will be able to view the status through your PrepHQ account.
  2. Each time you complete an application, you will also need an official transcript.  You can submit a paper transcript request form in the CCC or an electronic request through PrepHQ.  Remember, requests must be submitted to the CCC  two weeks before the application deadline.
  3. Some applications will need a counselor recommendation completed in addition to the transcript.  Submit the counselor worksheet from the college along with your transcript request.  
  4. The guidance office will then mail your transcript and, if need be, a counselor recommendation to the college.
  5. We will also mail your application for you, or you can choose to mail it yourself.
  6. Blissfield's CEEB (or ACT) Code is: 230345


Applying On-line


More students are choosing to apply to college electronically. This is great; however, you still need to complete steps 1 & 2 above.  Otherwise, our office has no way of knowing that your transcript needs to be sent to a particular college!