Superintendent's Corner
            Mr. Johnson                                                   


Welcome to Blissfield Community Schools


Welcome Back…….After serving Blissfield Community Schools for 17 years as the High School Principal, I am very pleased to welcome students, parents, faculty, and staff  back for the 2015-16 school year in my new role as Superintendent of Schools.  I feel blessed to work in a community that understands and appreciates the value of a quality education and I am very much looking forward to continuing the positive momentum that we have created over the past several years.

As has been the practice the past few years, student registration will be completed online again this year. A letter from your child’s principal explaining how to log on and review / complete the required documents should have been included in the Student Information Packets that were mailed home on Wednesday, August 26th.  After you have completed or updated the registration, a check sheet should be printed off and sent back to school with your child on his or her first day of school on Tuesday, September 8th.  If you have questions regarding these or other matters or need access to the internet in order to update your child’s registration forms, our school offices are open each weekday from 7:15 am-3:30 pm for your convenience. 

Student hours will remain the same at each of our schools with Blissfield Elementary students attending from 7:45 am - 2:52 pm and Blissfield Middle and High Schools in session daily from 7:50 am - 2:54 pm.  Parents are encouraged to communicate their child’s absences by contacting Extension #200 after calling any of the following school telephone numbers. 

Blissfield Elementary            (517) 486-2811            Michael Valasek, Principal

Blissfield Middle School        (517) 486-4420            Cris Rupp, Principal

Blissfield High School            (517) 486-2148            Steven Gfell, Principal           

Blissfield Community Schools are committed to continually providing an outstanding educational experience for each and every one of our students.  As students return this fall, they will be welcomed by a variety of curricular and technological enhancements including the implementation of our revised K-12 Fine Arts curriculum, new computer labs in each of our three buildings, and as a result of our pilot 1:1 initiative,  new iPads in three of our elementary classrooms.   

On behalf of the Blissfield Board of Education, administration, and our dedicated faculty and staff, we look forward to working together with you in order to meet the needs of the children of our community. 




 Jerry R. Johnson