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Name Email PositionBuilding Phone & Extension
Carrie Atkinson  emailSend email to Carrie Atkinson   Math and Project Lead the WayMiddle School 517-486-4420  x214 
Lisa Babbitt  emailSend email to Lisa Babbitt   Physical Education and HealthMiddle School 517-486-4420  x215 
Steve Babbitt  emailSend email to Steve Babbitt   High School Athletic Director and Physical EducationHigh School 517-486-4725  x304 
Cheryl Bausman  emailSend email to Cheryl Bausman   High School ScienceHigh School 517-486-2148  x314 
Jolene Bills  emailSend email to Jolene Bills   English and CounselorMiddle School 417-486-4420  x216 
Nancy Breitner  emailSend email to Nancy Breitner   High School Spanish and EnglishHigh School 517-486-2148  x315 
Ellen Broderick  emailSend email to Ellen Broderick   First GradeElementary School 517-486-2811  x115 
Matthew Cook  emailSend email to Matthew Cook   Technology DirectorDistrict 486-2148  x108 
Rich Coscarelli  emailSend email to Rich Coscarelli   High School Science and Physical EducationHigh School 517-486-2148  x319 
Dee Crane  emailSend email to Dee Crane   Director of Instructional ServicesDistrict 517-486-2811  x213 

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