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                               Thank you to all of our wonderful Heritage Day volunteers!

Blissfield Elementary School Mission Statement  

Blissfield Elementary School is committed to providing a safe, respectful and supportive teaching and learning environment where students are inspired to become academically successful and socially responsible.

With this as our mission, we believe in:

  •  the creativity, potential and uniqueness of each individual;
  •  the essential partnership between home, community and school;
  •  the core values of professionalism, honesty and integrity;
  •  the obligation for providing curriculum that is challenging, relevant and diverse;
  •  the importance of fostering a desire for lifelong learning; and
  •  the necessity that all we do is reflective of both our "genuine love for kids," and our confidence that everyone has the power to make a difference in today's world.

Blissfield Elementary School Daily Schedule

7:45 - 2:52

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Happy Thanksgiving

HAPPY THANKSGIVING from the Blissfield Elementary family to yours!

Here is a glimpse of what some of Blissfield Elementary’s finest are thankful for this year:


1.       Family

2.       My job with great students

3.       Friends and relationships

4.       A new granddaughter

5.       Health


1.       Family and Friends

2.       Pets

3.       Grandparents

4.       Shelter

5.       Food and water

6.       Wonderful classmates

7.       Health

8.       Our Country

9.       Those who serve in the armed forces

10.   Snuggles with mom

11.   True Love

12.   Family adoption of a child

I am thankful for my family at home,  and my school family (students and staff).  Happy Thanksgiving!

Mr. Valasek

Pajama Rama

On Friday, November 21, Blissfield Elementary students and staff participated in Pajama Rama by wearing their PJ's to school.  Students were asked to donate $1 in exchange for not having to change their clothes prior to getting ready for school.  All donations were to benefit Homeless Education in Lenawee County.  Blissfield Elementary was able to raise over $450 for the cause.

Here are just few pictures of participants enjoying their PJ's at school.

photo 1 (2).JPGphoto 2.JPG

photo 3.JPGphoto 5.JPG

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