From the Principal



BHS Faculty and Staff (1)



Dear Members of the Blissfield Community:


There is no greater place than Blissfield High School! As I walk the halls every day, I am constantly amazed by the incredible mix of talent, hard work and cooperation. This comes in the form of dedicated teachers, enthusiastic students and a committed support staff. It’s no wonder that Blissfield is such a special place.


Before school started, I told the BHS faculty and staff that they have the most important jobs in the world. But it doesn’t end with them. Truly, schools cannot do it alone, and it takes everyone to move us forward. Whether you’re a parent, a grandparent, a community member or an alum, we need all of you to to help keep BHS great.



As a community, it is all of our jobs to help mold young men and women to be the leaders, entrepreneurs, healers, and scholars of tomorrow. The kids at BHS may someday find the cure to a horrible disease, design a world-altering invention, or fix your car when it breaks down. Therefore, each student is incredibly important to all of us.



Regardless of your title or place in this great community, your role is a critical one.  Each of you contributes to student success. Don't ever forget that, and don't ever doubt how essential your contribution is to the overall growth of our kids.



If you ever need anything, feel free to email or call. You can also follow me on Twitter @PrincipalGfell for all things BHS.