MS Staff Directory
Carrie Atkinson  517-486-4420 x214   Math and Project Lead the Way Middle School  email 
Lisa Babbitt  517-486-4420 x215   Physical Education and Health Middle School  email 
Jolene Bills  417-486-4420 x216   English and Counselor Middle School  email 
Dori Eisenmann  517-486-4420 x212   Library/Media Aide Middle School  email 
Melissa Finnegan  517-486-2148 x326   Vocal Music Middle School  email 
Andrew Ford  517-486-4420 x220   History Middle School  email 
Mark Geha  517-486-4420 x221   Science and Project Lead the Way Middle School  email 
Ryan Gilbert  517-486-2811 x118   Physical Education and Health Middle School  email 
Kevin Grasley  517-486-4420 x222   English Middle School  email 
Kim Gray  517-486-4420 x223   English Middle School  email 
Nathan Hall  517-486-4420 x233   History and Physical Education Middle School  email 
Michelle Jackson  517-486-4420 x203   Clerical Assistant Middle School  email 
Linda Kalmar  517-486-4420 x224   Special Education Middle School  email 
Kris Knierim  517-486-4420 x202   Administrative Assistant Middle School  email 
Phillip McVay  517-486-4420 x228   Social Studies Middle School  email 
Colleen Miller-Ayers  517-486-2148 x328   Special Education Middle School  email 
John Morse  517-486-4420 x234   In School Restriction Supervisor Middle School  email 
Mike Novak  517-486-4420 x229   Science and Project Lead the Way Middle School  email 
Diane Pickell  517-486-4420 x230   Math Middle School  email 
Tracy Pixley  517-486-2148 x324   Art Middle School  email 
Cyndi Pollet  517-486-4420 x209   Behavioral Specialist Middle School  email 
Cris Rupp  517-486-4420 x202   Principal Middle School  email 
Brian Sills  517-486-4420 x232   Math Middle School  email 
Adam Sniezek  517-486-2148 x334   Instrumental Music Middle School  email 
Christina Walter  517-486-2148 x339   Spanish Middle School  email 
Tina Zimmerman  517-486-4420 x235   Science Middle School  email