Buildings and Grounds

Welcome to Blissfield Community Schools Facilities Department.


Blissfield Schools Facilities Department will enhance the learning environment of our students by maintaining our staff and facilities in a manner that will be pleasing to students, parents and visiting members of the community.                                                                                                                        



We are responsible for the mangement and support of construction/capital projects, maintenance of all district buildings,and provide clean and healthy facilities throughout the Blissfield Community School Distrct.  We strongly believe that our facilties and school environments are part of the teaching process.   We take care of 4 buildings totaling over 213.000 square feet and we are responsible for the maintenace of playgrounds, gardens, athlectic fields, lawns, parking lots, and all snow removal. Our staff of 14 talented hard working individuals strives hard each day to fulfill this mission. Please enjoy our campus.  

Michael P Reinhardt.