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As always, the aim of the Transportation Department is to provide the safest and most economical transportation possible. The drivers of this district exhibit the highest level of responsibility and conscientiousness. They are professionals in every sense of the word. Our students have benefited from the exceptional cooperation that continues between parents, drivers and school personnel.                                                                                             


To avoid any confusion or concerns, some of the basic transportation procedures are reviewed.

They are:

1. Students may be required to walk some distance to a bus stop as required by state law.

2. Students should be on time at the designated bus stops. Once the students have boarded their bus, and the bus has started, the driver is not allowed to stop again for stragglers.

3. Parents are responsible for the pupil's conduct at the bus stop.

4. For safety reasons, the student should stay at least 15 feet off the roadway while waiting for the bus, if possible.

5. If your child will have a pick-up and / or delivery that is consistent, but not at their home, you will need to fill out a Transportation Request Form and turn it in to the Transportation Office. In doing so, please remember that only one address may be used for pick-up and only one address used for drop-off.

6. No food or drink should be taken on or consumed on the bus.

7. Parents should, as much as possible, have made plans in advance as to what they will do if school should be unexpectedly closed due to bad weather. It is not possible for the schools to individually call parents to inform them of the closing. If the weather conditions are serious, listen to the radio or have a neighbor, relative or friend lined up who can help you out.

8. Behavior on the bus should essentially be the same as that expected in school. The driver is in complete charge of the bus and has authority to demand observance of both school and civil rules.

9. If a student should ever receive a Misconduct Report for unacceptable behavior on the bus, it will need to be signed by a parent and returned to the driver before the student will be allowed to ride the bus again.

To view the full Transportation Handbook click here.  

As always, we appreciate the cooperation and assistance that you have given us.


Feel Free to Contact The Transportation Department during the hours of 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM at 517-486-3803