Our District

Blissfield School District is situated in Lenawee County, in the southeast corner of Michigan. The District includes the Village of Blissfield, and all, or parts of, the Townships of Blissfield, Riga, Palmyra, Ogden, and Deerfield. Grades K-12 are housed in three buildings and serve the District's approximately 1200 students.


Our Mission

Blissfield Community Schools provides the programing, culture, and climate necessary to create well-rounded, creative, critical thinkers.


All of our school buildings are presently accredited. Blissfield was one of the first twelve school districts out of 550 K-12 districts in Michigan that are North Central accredited. North Central Accreditation is voluntary, entails an extensive self-study, visitation and verification from educators throughout the State of Michigan, and maintains the highest accreditation standards that schools can achieve.

Vision Statement

Blissfield Community Schools transforms lives by instilling 21st century skills and inspiring lifelong learning in every student.  


As we strive for excellence at Blissfield Community Schools, the planning and decision making processes will be guided by the following belief statements:

We believe:

*  Education is a partnership of student, family, school, and community.
*  Honesty, respect, and responsibility are essential in life and learning.
*  A safe, comfortable, and orderly environment is essential to learning.
*  Learning is a lifelong process and students need the ability to adapt in the ever-changing world.
*  Authentic interaction and instruction is the heart of education
*  Excellence is a standard not to be compromised.
*  All students can learn.