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The partnership between school and families is an essential one. When schools work together with families to support learning, student achievement increases. In fact, one of the most accurate predictors of student achievement is parental involvement in the student's education/school experience.

Blissfield Community Schools is committed to this partnership and welcomes parents' active involvement!

Resources for Parents: 

Technology Services for Parents

Blissfield Community Schools provides many different options for parents to receive information about their children and their schools.  Find out More

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Advisory to all parents...

In accordance with Federal Law, the Board of Education prohibits the use, possession, concealment, or distribution of drugs by students on school grounds, in school, or school-approved vehicles, or at any school related event. Drugs include any alcoholic beverage, anabolic steroid, dangerous controlled substance as defined by State statute, or substance that could be considered a "look-a-like" controlled substance.

Compliance with this policy is mandatory for all students. Any students who violate this policy will be subject to disciplinary action, in accordance with due process and as specified in the student handbooks, up to and including expulsion from school. When required by State law, the District will also notify law enforcement officials.

The District is concerned about any student who is a victim of alcohol or drug abuse and will facilitate the process by which he/she receives help through programs and services available in the community.  Students and their parents should contact the school principal or counseling office whenever such help is needed.

We pride ourselves in being student and parent centered. If you have questions about our district or individual schools or programs please feel free to contact our district administration. 

The following phone numbers will help you contact the appropriate individuals.

  • Scott Riley - Superintendent 486-2205
  • Linda Mueller - Elementary School Principal 486-2811
  • Laura Denkins - Middle School Principal 486-4420
  • Mike Bader - High School Principal 486-2148
  • Eric Schmidt  - Athletic Director 486-4725
  • Mark Willson - Student Services Director 486-2148
  • Amanda Plum- Elementary School Assistant Principal 486-2811
  • Cris Rupp - Learning Loss Coordinator/Special Education Director
  • Amy Gschwind - Food Services Director 486-2205
  • Scott Abbott - Operations Director 486-3803


What to do in a Serious Emergency

Should we have a major disaster during school hours, your child/children will be cared for at the local school. Each building has a detailed disaster plan which has been formulated to respond to any major catastrophe. 

For more information on this plan click here.  


Parent Involvement Opportunities

Elementary School   

Home & School Connection  

From the Elementary School Counseling Center - Working Together for School Success

Did You Know? 

All members of the graduating class have the option to accept more than $16,000 in interest-free loans to pay for higher education

PDF Document Student Loan Program  

School Visitations

All parents and guardians are welcome at Blissfield Community Schools at any time.

However, with concerns for school safety, WE REQUEST ALL VISITORS REPORT TO THE OFFICE UPON ENTERING.

Thank you for your cooperation