Counseling and Career Center

Welcome to Blissfield High School's CCC

Guidance services are available to all students. Regular academic and career planning occurs within the students' core classes each year.  Students may schedule individual appointments during their free time by making arrangements with the counselor.  Students with full schedules may make appointments during class time with teacher permission.

Parents / guardians are also welcome to consult with the guidance counselor and utilize the resources in the CCC.  Parent conferences are often helpful when a student is experiencing academic or personal problems, or when a student is in the process of setting plans and goals for the future.

Students are urged to see their counselor whenever a problem arises. Information given to the guidance counselor is strictly confidential unless student safety is at issue.

Services Offered by the Counseling and Career Center 

Any student who has either attended or graduated from Blissfield is welcome to use our guidance services. The CCC is open from 7:30 am to 3:15 pm each school day. The office telephone is 517-486-2148 ext. 307. 

1.  Academic advising, including course selection and scheduling.

2.  Limited personal counseling regarding problems or concerns.

3.  Referral services for individual counseling needs.

4.  Information about colleges, universities, technical schools, and the military.

5.  Resources for students with substance abuse issues.

6.  Information about careers.

7.  Information about academic and career testing.

8.  Information about financial aid and scholarships.

9.  Information about grades, report cards, and transcripts.


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