• General Information

    • The scheduling process for the next school year begins each January with Mrs. Judkins going into classrooms to give scheduling presentations. At this time students will get their transcript, a credit check sheet, a scheduling sheet, as well as all the information needed to complete their course requests. The scheduling sheet must be turned in the CCC once completed with student and parent signatures. Then, Mrs. Judkins meets individually with each student to go over selections and finalize requests. Note that student schedules will not be released until August.

  • Tech Center

    • The LISD Tech-Center offers a variety of vocational courses for students. Courses are offered to juniors and seniors only. Availability is limited and courses are assigned on a first come, first served basis. The application for tech opens each January. Please to the announcements and check google classroom for application information in December.


  • Work-based learning

    • Work-based learning available to all BHS Students, but generally fits best with junior and/or senior’s schedules. Work-based learning falls into one of three categories: Co-Op, Work Experience, and Custom Class. Both Co-Op and Work Experience earn both elective credits and wages, while a Custom Class earns credit only. Please note that all work based learning jobs and paperwork must be in place before school begins in August. 

    • You may participate in work-based learning through Mrs. Buggia (for Ag students with Ag related jobs) or the tech center. For Ag Work-based learning, see Mrs. Buggia for all paperwork and information. For those going through the tech center, please attend the spring work-based learning meeting at BHS, where the eligibility and expectations of the program will be discussed, and fill out your tech center application at the link below.

  • Independent Study

    • All proposals for an independent study must begin with dialog between the student and independent study teacher. A formal request with the required paperwork (to be completed by teacher) must be submitted to the principal for approval before an independent study can be scheduled. Once approved, the name and hour of the course should be communicated to the CCC. 

  • Personal Curriculums

    • To have flexibility in order to meet the needs of students and their future goals, a personal curriculum can be utilized. This provides flexibility in course requirements and scheduling. See the fact sheet and BHS Personal Curriculum request forms for more information.

    • Personal Curriculum Fact Sheet

    • BHS Personal Curriculum Request Form