3rd Grade Activites

3rd Grade staff uses the BELL to study life cycles plants and animals.  A litter of mice or a clutch of zebra finches can either be observed in the lab or the classroom.  The 3rd grade curriculum also includes review of vertebrate animals, owl pellets, and a written research report of a vertebrate animal found in the BELL.  Check out the BELL special animal of the week icon where you will find reports written by 3rd and 5th graders which also appear in our local newspaper, The Blissfield Advance. 

3rd wilson plant

Mrs. Wilson's class planting seeds for plant life cycle project.

mitch 1   mitch 2

mitch 3   mitch 4

After the third graders did their observations and research report on their vertebrate animal, they did a cross curriculum art project. Note Mrs. Mitchell class' neat sculptures and how much they look like their animal they did their report on!

bro 1   bro 6

Students from Miss Broderick’s third grade class are doing an activity to find matching skeletons of vertebrate animals to live animals found in the BELL.

wil owl 2   wil owl

After students study skeletons, they then have an activity with an owl pellets finding the skeleton remains of rodents.  Mrs. Wilson’s class uses a guide sheet to help identify bones.