Parent Involvement Opportunities

Parent Involvement Opportunities 

A strong partnership with parents and the community is essential to the success of any school.  The elementary staff and administration promote active parental involvement with the school, teachers and students.    The school puts great effort into informing parents of events/activities, volunteer opportunities, and specific details regarding their children’s academic progress and classroom curriculum.  All parents receive copies of the Blissfield Elementary School Student/Parent Handbook.   An all-district newsletter, “The Communicator,” is prepared quarterly and contains information regarding school calendars, upcoming events, and highlights of classroom activities.  The elementary school sends home a monthly update, “The Pride,” that outlines upcoming events, pertinent school policies, and important reminders.  Formal parent-teacher conferences are held in the fall and spring.  Report cards are sent home quarterly.  In an effort to provide regular and timely two-way communication with school families, teachers use e-mail and voice mail on a daily basis.     

Throughout the course of the school year, many events/activities take place where parents are encouraged to actively participate.  These events/activities include: All-School Fall Open House, All-School Picnic and Purple and Gold Day, Fall and Spring Parent-Teacher Conferences, Family Reading Night, K-5 Musci Programs (grade levels, choir/recorder, and band), Book Fair, and PTO sponsored events (Drive In with Dad, Movie with Mom and Family Fun Night). Blissfield Elementary School encourages parents to become involved in the school in some capacity as volunteers.  Parents are surveyed at the beginning of the year to determine their interests, availability and willingness to serve as volunteers.  Some of the opportunities that exist for parents include:  

  • assist homeroom teachers for special events and field trips

  • serve on school improvement committee

  • give input in curriculum/textbook review

  • assist in the Blissfield Elementary Life Lab (BELL)

  • assist students with reading, makeup work, etc.

  • serve as reading or lunchroom buddies

  • furnish treats for classroom parties or during MEAP testing .

The partnership between school and families is an essential one.  When schools work together with families to support learning, student achievement increases.  In fact, one of the most accurate predictors of student achievement is parental involvement in the student’s education/school experience.  Blissfield Elementary School is committed to this partnership and welcomes parents’ active involvement!