Title I

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Each year Blissfield Elementary School receives Title I subsidies from the Federal Government to help ensure student success in the core subject areas of Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies.  In order to qualify for these subsidies, there are various guidelines we must adhere to.  One such requirement is to have a compact/contract for each student enrolled.  This compact/contract needs to be discussed by parents, students and teachers.

The Student/Teacher/Parent Contract (click here) is intended to remind us of the important contribution each of us must provide to ensure the success of our students.  Please read and discuss the contents of this contract with your child.  Although the statements may seem somewhat obvious, it is important that we continually emphasize the importance of education with our children.  Although your child may not always acknowledge your involvement, please do not lose sight of the profound influence you have in his/her success.  Periodically reviewing these items may help reaffirm with your child that you value his/her daily efforts in school. 

After discussing this with your child, we ask that you please display it on your refrigerator, or wherever you keep important school information, to remind your children how we are all working together as partners to ensure a successful school year.  During Fall Parent-Teacher Conferences, you will have the opportunity to discuss both the contract and how we can work together to achieve it!


Mrs. Linda Mueller