BELL Distinguish Visitors

Blissfield Community School has a very unique partner, the Blissfield Rotary Club.  We are always excited to have visitors from around the world visit our small rural community and tour the BELL and thank the Blissfield Rotary for this opportunity.  Rotary members from South Korea and Finland are two countries that we have been honored to host.  This school year five members form GSE TEAM 2008, District 1430 Finland visited.  We were honored and proud as school district to have these guests. 

We are always excited to have visitors, but when individuals come from the FAR side of the globe, our students get excited!  The Blissfield Rotary had special guest from Down Under!  That’s right, Australia!  The Australian Rotary Vocation Training Team 2011 from Districts 9550 to District 6400 are touring the United States.  The team’s goal is to build communities with literacy.  Blissfield Elementary School was honored by having our friends form Australia visit the Blissfield Environmental Life Lab. 

Down Under 

Mr. Koppelman shows the Australian Rotary Team a critter from their continent housed in the BELL.