Biome Highlights

Science in Action

Our science goal for Blissfield Elementary School students was to improve their knowledge of the scientific process, including the ability to perform a scientific investigation and communicate these findings. Students have improved their knowledge of the scientific process, as teachers have become more effective in facilitating science investigations and utilizing scientific process skills. Students are more effective in communicating their findings after doing investigations.

Observing - Natural Habitats

The BELL has various biomes within where students are able to observe animals in a more natural habitat. The pond stream is found with in a tropical rainforest biome. The pond/stream has fish from four different continents.

Image of the incredible Invertebrate Zoo

The "Incredible Invertebrate Zoo" houses Madagascar hissing cockroaches, African black millipedes and rose hair tarantulas for student observation and handling.


Bell lab touch tank

The 1500 gallon saltwater touch tank is home for many invertebrates and fish for student observation.